New Facebook Group: Listed June 13th
Ongoing discussion for all things DollAKon and A-Kon!

New Open Forum: Listed June 10th
Welcome To Mattville
An open Message board for diorama artists.
A place to show all your diorams, props, ideas and
photoshopped pictures with other like individuals.
Join us in Mattville and let's see your cityscapes, rooms,
buildings, furniture, and prop crafts!

New Membership Forum: Listed June 1st
FBJD mingel
a board exclusively dedicated to ball-jointed fashion dolls
(i.e., dolls that are strung and made from a material
other than vinyl such as resin or porcelain).
All scales of fashion all-jointed dolls are welcome.

New Blog: Listed March 2nd
Every Day A Dollie
A new photo of my dolls added every day.. or every week...

New Blog: Listed January 14th
Deep thoughts by Tom Courtney

New Blog: Listed January 14th
MetroDolls was formed in 2003 to educate about dolls and use dolls as a means of fund raising for both doll preservation and for global and local charities.

New Blog: Listed January 14th
Diane on Whidbey Island
Classic Doll Designs

New Blog: Listed January 14th
Bobby Doll
It's a doll's life.

New Blog: Listed November 12th
The Traveling Twig
A fun blog with a Veronique obsession.

New Blog: Listed September 29th
Once Upon A Doll Collection
Adventures in doll collecting and bargain hunting.

New Blog: Listed May 27th
Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter...
Celebrating doll collecting with the daughter of a doll collector..

New Blog: Listed November 15th
AE's OOAK Dolls
Elizabeth 1986's showcase of OOAK dolls.

New Blog: Listed October 8th
PenPalGirls, Inc.
18" boutique doll company offering cultural insights
through blogs for dolls from around the world.
The first two blogs are Cady (from China)
and Emma (from the United Kingdom).

New Membership Forum: Listed October 4th
Beginners Reborn Baby Guild
Helpful information about Reborn Dolls,
"We can learn from each other."

New Open Forum: Listed September 26th
Doll Clothes Superstore
Helpful information about doll clothes,
shoes and general doll related information.

New Open Forum: Listed September 4th
Black Dolls of All Kinds
Brand new Boardhost open forum for the discussion of black dolls
from any era or manufacturer.

New Site/Forum/Blog: Listed August 26th
St. Louis BJD Convention
Info about the Dolly Playmates club 1st Annual BJD Convention
in St. Louis November 17th, 2014.
Includes forum, registration page, schedules, etc.

New Blog: Listed January 10th
The Toy Box Philosopher
Reviews and opinions about dolls
and other interesting toys.